About Us

Our History

"This Company concept founder Mr. Pimlal OLi Informed the company Sambridhi Organization in 2015 that is now known as Oliz Organization. Oliz is growing contuniously taking up new companies. Thereafter, Oliz is planning to get all the companies under one fold, which will be known as oliz Organization. The main aim to form such a company is used to the technology and then growing the agriculture and Trading as well as economical aspects of the nation. This Organization believes in empowering the citizens of Nepal by an organization driven solely by customer satisfaction. Oliz offers its products and services through distributors, retailers, and suppliers. It is based in Dang, Nepal."

Message from Director

This company is not just a business this is life for me because when we don’t get the food and then we don’t imagine our life. It is an inspiration that drove me into the world of business. When I became the MD of OLiz, I felt a sense of obligation to lead this company with the same ideals that had been implanted into the organization by its founder.
I started working for this company with an objective of enriching the lives of people and contributing to the sustainability of the nation by providing employment opportunities at a time when people had lost hope in the nation. When I Became Graduating and than experienced of organizational structure and system, I implemented the same in this Organization. Day in and day out, we work diligently towards the realization of our goal of providing wholehearted satisfaction to our customers. Our Entire Family and I believe in being the building blocks of our nation and we are all working for a cause greater than just profits.


Duryodhan Oli

Our Vision

"To Empowered the live of citizen in Nepal with added the product make significant contribution process for building Nepal"

Our Mission

"To Providing Goods and service and making to the Customer Satisfaction"